LadyBug PPA-4 Pulse Power Profiling Application

With a LB480A or LB680A LadyBug RF Power Sensor and our PPA-4, Pulse Profiling Power Meter Application you receive a time domain power profile including triggered pulse measurements. Average power can be measured with these sensors using our PMA-3 Power Meter Application. For LB59XXX products use our PMA-12 Precision Power Meter Application.

Pulse profiling measurements give the user the ability to visualize modulation waveforms within the sensors 10MHz detected video bandwidth. External triggering is included with LB480A and LB680A sensors. This makes it possible make measurements on very low level repetitive waveforms.

The application is packed with tools such as a full featured set of statistical functions, trace zoom, gates and markers, offsets and response, copy data to clipboard and trigger functions like delay, invert and level control.

Plus, LadyBug applications are included with your power sensor purchase and are not feature limited.

Triggered PPA-4 Pulse Profiling Power Measurement

LadyBug’s PPA-4 is loaded with features. The image below shows a triggered pulse measurement on a doublet pulse with zoom and pulse measurements displayed in the right-hand pane. The measurement was made using external triggering and zoom was utilized to see the detail on the doublet pulse set. Markers and gates could also be set to measure specifics.

Internal and external triggering, trigger level, invert and delay can be set to aid in making your measurement. Averaging and optional filters are available to reduce unwanted noise or to otherwise customize the measurement for your specific purpose.

LadyBug PPA-4 Statistical Pulse Measurements

Our PPA-4 Pulse Power Application is capable of making statistical pulse measurements on signals with repetitive pulse modulation. The image below shows CDF (Cumulative distribution function) The user receives accurate Duty Cycle, Peak & Pulse Power and Crest Factor along with Average Power when used with a pulse power capable sensor such as the LB478A, LB479A, LB480A, LB679A and LB680A.

Because the measurements are statistical, no triggering is necessary. These measurements are ideal for manufacturing test applications where a fast easy to setup measurement is desired.

CCDF (complementary cumulative distribution function) and PDF (Power Distribution Function) are also available with the application

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