NEW! Users Guide for PMA-12

LadyBug’s PMA-12, Precision Power Meter Software combines the quality measurement capability of our sensors with the power and flexibility of modern computers to give you the information you need. The application is designed for LadyBug LB59XXXA Power Sensors and can manage more than 16 sensors at one time. For our other sensors click here.

LB59XXX Sensors are USBTMC compatible and can use VISA IO Libraries including NI, or Keysight libraries; however PMA-12 does not require these or any other special drivers.

Built in features such as Tabular Logging, Strip Charting, Analog Gauge Display and Math Measurement Windows that allow calculation between sensors are all included.

Setup Unattended Operation, the Real-time clock, and other sensor features using the application too. LadyBug applications are included with your power sensor purchase and are not feature limited.

Download PMA-12 Software and Users Guide

Individual Sensor Windows

Each sensor that is activated has a window like the one shown below that displays basic settings and the power level. Basic settings can be adjusted on the window itself. To control detailed settings, use the pane at left. Using the preset function in the mode drop down restores the settings to the default state. Windows can be manually or automatically arranged. The image below details some of the features.

Mode Menu

Mode Menu shown at left is used to determine the primary power sensor functions. In Normal Operation, the PMA-12 application constantly requests measurements from the associated sensor.

Clicking Preset Normal will cause the application to send default settings to the sensor and reset its own settings, clearing any special settings and bring the system back to default state.

UOP (Unattended Operation) and Recorder Out are described below

Derived Measurement Windows

The image at left details a few of LadyBug Precision Power Meter’s Derived Measurement functions. These functions can calculate various measurements from 2 or more sensors quickly and easily. Let LadyBug’s PMA-12 Precision Power Meter make multiple Sensor calculations for you and provide immediate updates.

Derived Measurement features are included without up charge in PMA-12 and can assist in making two sensor reflected measurements along with other measurements that require calculation. Setup is quick and easy.

Precision Power Meter Tabular Log

PMA-12 Precision Power Meter Application’s Tabular log functions is one of our most often requested features. Our tabular log has many years of user experience and design concepts built in.

The Log is easy to setup and use and can log data from multiple Sensors or Math Measurement Windows. Output data can be sorted by Serial Number, Index or Time. Selecting Save opens a standard windows file menu making is easy to save files in any name desired. Formatting loads easily into Excel.

Ranges can be select and copied into the clipboard for pasting into any standard window applications.

The log can quickly and easily be cleared and restarted. Multiple sensors are selected & deselected using the Sensors button. Pause and Resume functions are included.

Tabular logging stores measurements as they are returned whether triggered or continuous.

Strip Chart

LadyBug’s PMA-12 offers very flexible Strip Charting. Select Open then Strip Chart, or Send Data To in the Sensor window and a customizable chart will open. Data can easily be collected from sensors or Derived Measurements.

Power per division and reference levels can be set so that your signal, even if it is very low, can be seen in detail. For example, the level change shown in the chart at left, is a radiated measurement that was done simply by rotating an antenna.

Use the default time or set span time as desired. The chart can be paused and scrolled for examination, while continuing to collect data in the background. Clicking Copy will place the collected data into the clipboard. The data can then be pasted into your favorite program for further review.

LadyBug PMA-12 Analog Gauge

PMA-12 Precision Power Meter includes a flexible Analog Meter display. The Meter damping can be set so that it best suits your particular application. For example, you could set the number of averages low to log measurements quickly; and set the meter to high damping so that it operates smoothly and at a rate that the eye can follow.

Meters are easy to setup and can be assigned to any active sensors. Multiple Meters can be setup and re-sized to fit your needs. The meter is of a familiar traditional design that is often requested by engineers.

PMA-12 Trigger Options

LadyBug LB5900 Series Sensors feature extensive optional triggering functions. While triggering is often handled programmatically using SCPI instructions in test sets, many triggering features are easily managed using PMA-12’s trigger control features.

In Normal mode, PMA-12 triggers measurements continuously. Once a measurement is returned complete, and the Latency time has elapsed, PMA-12 will trigger a new measurement. Averages and other factors determine the total measurement time. Latency time can be set in PMA-12 as shown at left.

Unattended Operation using PMA-12

Unattended Operation is a new feature in power sensors. LadyBug LB5900 Series Sensors with this option can make measurements with no computer connected. Only power is required

PMA-12 can be utilized to set up the measurement and determine how the sensor will store measurements.

Once the measurement is setup, clicking the Start UOP button shown at left, will put the sensor in UOP a UOP active mode. The sensor will remain in the active mode, and continue making measurements. If power is lost, the sensor will resume making and storing measurements when power is restored. When the sensor is reconnected to the computer, it will continue making measurements until the Halt UOP button is clicked. At that time, measurements can be retrieved and stored, the sensor memory cleared (if desired).

Recorder Out Setup using PMA-12

When the option is installed, Recorder Output uses the shared connector (Trigger out / Recorder Out) on LB5900 Series sensors. PMA-12 makes quick work in setting up the outputs and Min/Max scaling.

Recorder Output is very flexible and is often used for reference sensor source level control in calibration systems. The output can also be utilized for transmitter level control and has many other purposes. The Output delivers an accurately calibrated 0 to 1 volt level into 1,000 ohms, bandwidth is approximately 10 Hz. Settings are shown in the left detail pane in the image at left.

Exclusively on LadyBug LB5900 Sensors; once setup, the output can be operated with the computer disconnected (power is required).

For further information on our sensors or applications, please give us a call at 707-546-1050.