LadyBug PMA-3 Power Meter Application

LadyBug’s PMA-3, Power Meter Application is designed for use with any LadyBug LB559A, LB579A, LB589A, LB4XXA & LB6XXA product. For LB59XXX products use our PMA-12 Precision Power Meter Application

Our PMA-3 application gives users the capability of measuring Average power with any of the above referenced sensors; plus statistical Peak and Pulse Power with our sensors such as the LB479A & LB480A, that are capable of such measurements. For information on our PPA-4 Pulse Profiling application click here.

LadyBug applications are included with your power sensor purchase and are not feature limited.

LadyBug PMA-3 Power Meter - Average Power

LadyBug’s PMA-3 is loaded with features. Need a frequency offset table or recorder out? No problem, our innovative designers have spent many years in the industry and make it our business to understand the needs of power meter users. From our anti-aliasing filter to our first tier NIST traceable calibration, we make sure that you receive accuracy and have the tools to use the measurement. This same application can provide Statistical Pulse Measurements with our LB478A, LB479A, LB480A, LB679A & LB680A sensors, see the next section below.

LadyBug PMA-3 Statistical Pulse Measurements

Our PMA-3 Power Meter Application is capable of making statistical pulse measurements on signals with repetitive pulse modulation. The user receives accurate Duty Cycle, Peak & Pulse Power and Crest Factor along with Average Power when used with a pulse power capable sensor such as the LB478A, LB479A, LB480A, LB679A and LB680A.

Because the measurements are statistical, no triggering is necessary. Of course, optional triggering can be used to control the start of the measurement. These measurements are ideal for manufacturing test applications where a fast easy to setup measurement is desired.

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