An RF power sensor can not be more accurate than its calibration. As such, metrology, the science of measurement, is one of the most important parts of our business. Our personnel have many years of experience in the area of RF measurement metrology and you can rest assured that our sensors are calibrated with the utmost care and certainty.

A quality power sensor must have a traceable calibration from a recognized primary laboratory such as NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) run by the US Department of Commerce. This means the sensor was transfer calibrated using a certified sensor. Because uncertainty is added each time a calibration occurs, it is important to have as few calibrations as possible from the certifying body. Our calibration standards are first tier standards that are calibrated directly by NIST. This method allows for the best possible calibration.

Even though our products may remain in calibration for several years, we recommend annual calibration for all of our products. Turnaround time is less than a week for re-calibration.

We understand the testing environment and recognize that sensors can be accidentally overpowered, dropped or components can simply fail after time has passed. To accommodate these potential risks, we offer a reasonable flat repair and recalibration fee for our products. If you prefer, you can purchase extended calibration or extended warranty and calibration service at discounted pricing at the time of purchase. This option extends the warranty from one year to three years, plus it provides two additional calibrations giving you three years of calibration and protection. Pricing for these options is listed on the sensors purchasing page.

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Click here for cost (FOB Boise, ID) for re-calibration and repair. Contact us by phone or email and we will issue an RMA number. Return the sensor prepaid to us and we will service it promptly and return it by UPS, FedEX (cost added to your invoice) or if you prefer, we will use your shipping account. We accept credit cards or net 30 day terms for approved accounts.