Beginning August 1, 2016, our Standard Warranty is three years from the date of shipment. Annual Calibration is recommended and is separate from the product’s materials and workmanship warranty.

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LadyBug Power Sensors are warranted to be free from defects in material and workmanship for three years, unless otherwise specified, from date of shipment. When you send your sensor in for service including calibration or repair, Our Goal is to:

• Provide personal contact within one day of the customer’s request.

• Complete all service work within 5 working days.

• Return serviced items with two day shipping in the US.

• Include both the calibration certificate and data.

If you need to send a sensor in for repair or calibration, contact us for review of the issue; we will issue an RMA number for reference. Sensors should be sent prepaid to LadyBug for evaluation. LadyBug will repair, replace or contact the customer. Warrantied sensors found to be defective will be returned to US addresses at LadyBug cost. International shipping is not covered.