Our Sensors are designed with flexibility in mind. To that end, we include a variety of options that may be added to sensors at the time of purchase. In some cases, the options may be added later. The table below provides a brief description and applicability for each option, click the link for added details.

Option CodeApplicabilityOption Description
001All LadyBug sensorsRecorder Output available on any LB Sensor, when active, uses one of the triggering SMB connectors. Consult data sheet for more information
003All LadyBug sensorsExternal Triggering available on any LB Sensor. Uses Trigger In and Trigger Out SMB connectors. Included on all LB5900 Series, LB480A and LB680A Sensors.
004LB480A & LB680AWide bandwidth and Filters. Available on LB480A and LB680A. Opens the video bandwidth and adds 8 video filters. 100kHz, 200kHz, 300kHz, 500kHz, 1 MHz, 2MHz, 3MHz, 5MHz,10MHz. NOTE: Without this option, video bandwidth is limited to 100 kHz.
OW2LB480A, LB680AWideband Video Detector Out. Amplified unprocessed signal taken from the detector. Available on LB480A, LB680A See sensor specifications for details. Maximum bandwidth: 10MHz
C03All All LadyBug sensorsExtended calibration service. Adds two calibrations to the sensors initial one year calibration, providing 3 years of total calibrated service.
SPILB59XXX Series sensorsLB59XXX products - SPI and I2C support. Includes a ribbon cable and connector that allows access to both SPI & I2C, plus sensor power. Sensor can be run without any USB connection. Uses same, SCPI command set as USB ports.
UOPLB59XXX Series sensorsLB59XXX products - Unattended operation capability. After setup using USB or SPI, allows the sensor to be run with internal control and logging with no host connection (power is required)
MILLB59XXX Series sensorsLB59XXX products - Security option. Remove non-volite write capability. If purchased with MIL, option UOP, logging and real time clock & backup are not available. Consult the factory for details.
SECLB59XXX Series sensorsLB59XXX products - Sanitation option. Allows the user to securly erase non-volite user storage. Securly erases presets, simple and frequency dependant offsets and non factory calibrations.
4KZLB59XXL Series Sensors Extends lower calibrated measurement range from 9kHz to 4kHz. Applies to LB5900 sensors to 54GHz with the L suffix. EX: LB5940L.