LadyBug Technologies means Peak Performance in Power Sensors: 9kHz to 40GHz with 86dB Dynamic Range

LadyBug Technologies designs, develops, and manufactures a broad range of first tier NIST traceable USB power sensors. Our power sensors do not require a separate power meter, they instead function as a complete power measurement solution using s software application on a PC, instrument or ATE (Automated Test Equipment) system. As such they are referred to as Power Meters or Power Sensors. We manufacture sensors with capability of measuring average, peak and pulse power. Our sensors are used for general purpose RF power testing, ATE, defense, portable and compact applications. Our power sensors are widely used in the microwave and RF test industry. Our LB5900 series power sensors have an exceptionally flexible interface including optional I2C and SPI connectivity and the sensors are Linux compatible.


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We provide the following types of power meters for use in RF and microwave markets:

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