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LadyBug believes most customers see test and measurement equipment as an investment. The need for periodic calibration means that the sale of an instrument is not the end of a relationship; it is the beginning of a relationship. For this reason and many others the test and measurement world understands that precision instruments are no better that the available support.

Our goal is to increase the value of our products through a sustained commitment to service. Our experience has shown that high quality, fast, dependable service is a must.

At LadyBug, every PowerSensor+™ calibration is accompanied by a certificate and test results - at no extra cost. Because match is an essential part of a power sensor's accuracy, we normally replace worn (otherwise undamaged) connectors as a part of every third calibration.

The following is a list of prices for various services.*

Model No Calibration Only Repair Only Calibration and Repair
LB478A $250 $150 $325
LB479A  $300 $200 $400
LB480A $325 $225 $440
LB559A $325 $225 $440
LB579A $365 $250 $470
LB589A $385 $275 $510
LB679A $375 $1,150 $1,375
LB680A $375 $1,150 $1,375

Our goal is to deliver the right product at the right price and then continue to deliver the best service at the best price. To that end LadyBug's goals are:

• Complete all service within 5 working days (or less)
• Return all serviced instruments with two-day shipping within the U.S.A.
• Include both the calibration certificate and data
• Provide personal contact within one day of information request

Most customers (in the U.S.A.) should get door-to-door service in seven working days plus shipping time to LadyBug. Be sure to consider your internal processing, handling and shipping delays when assessing the total turn-around-time.

* Prices are subject to change without notice.

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