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I am measuring an OFDM signal and the power reading is jumping from -66 dBm to 13 dBm. How can I measure this signal correctly?
Turn on the anti-aliasing filter and increase averaging until the readings stabilize. This will help ensure a complete capture of a slow moving signal.
Can I measure a WiMAX signal?
Yes. Turn on the anti-aliasing filter and increase averaging until the readings stabilize. When using the LB478A, LB479A or LB480A, keep in mind signal accuracy will degrade as signal content beyond 10 MHz increases.
Can you measure signals beyond a 10 MHz video content?
Yes. When using the LB478A, LB479A or LB480A depending on signal content accuracy can degrade. Turn on the anti-aliasing filter. If the signal is bursty or slow moving you may want to increase averaging until the readings stabilize. These steps ensure complete capture of slow moving signals and eliminate aliasing associated with high frequency content.
I am having trouble getting a stable measurement in the power meter application. What is
wrong and what can I do?
This can happen for several reasons. One reason might be that you have a signal with a low PRF and very narrow pulses. Another reason might be that you have a slow moving signal. In both these cases we recommend increasing the averaging and turning on the anti-aliasing filter.
Are your calibrations traceable to NIST or another standards laboratory?
Yes. All of our instruments are calibrated and traceable to NIST.
The PowerSensor+™ product line doesn't have a meter. How do you make a measurement?
The PowerSensor+™ product line is powered and controlled via USB. To use the PowerSensor+™ you install the software on your computer, plug in the PowerSensor+™ and start the PowerSensor+™ application.
Since the PowerSensor+™ draws power from the computer - won't this affect my portable computer? Can I use this product with my portable computer?
The general answer is you can use the PowerSensor+™ products with any computer that supports high powered USB 2.0 ports. But there are some practical limits that should be understood when using the PowerSensor+™ with portables. The PowerSensor+™ instruments are designed for high-power USB ports. As such they draw a substantial current. High-power USB ports allow a draw of 500 mA, The PowerSensor+™ products draws about 400 mA.

However, some portables do not support high-powered USB ports. These portables are just not designed to supply this much current. If you want to use a PowerSensor+™ product with one of these portables you'll need an externally powered USB 2.0 hub. Externally powered USB hubs are very small and can be purchased at most computer and office supply outlets for about $20.00 or less.

However there are a number of portables that support USB 2.0 high power ports. Some have all ports configured as high-power ports by default. Others portables require the user to configure the USB ports for high power. As a practical mater the power drain of the PowerSensor+™ limits the time you can operate a portable without being connected power. Be aware that your portable computer will discharge more quickly than you are accustomed. Our best advice is to take your power cord and/or self powered USB 2.0 hub along if you use a portable computer with the PowerSensor+™.

If you replace the connector in the field isn't the calibration voided.
Yes, the calibration is voided. However, we think you'll find that the PowerSensor+™ accuracy is sufficient to continue to develop most systems from a functional point of view.
Why do you offer "opposite" sexed connectors as an option?
Normally you'll want to minimize the number of adaptors between the power measurement and the instrument making the measurement. This requires an option for selecting connector sex and type. Ladybug allows you to select the type and sex of the connector when it is ordered.

If you are designing a system, you may find that changes in the system require you to change the sex of the sensor.

All of the PowerSensors with a changed connector will need to be re-calibrated. However, it's unlikely that you will want to impede system development and checkout because all the PowerSensors have to be returned for calibration.

Our experience indicates that it would be very convenient to change the sex of the connector so that functional development of the system can continue unabated. Then, at your convenience you can return one or more of the PowerSensor+™ products for a re-calibration.

To facilitate this process, we give you the option of purchasing a field replaceable connector. In the interim you can return your other PowerSensors to Ladybug for a connector change.

This will allow you to continue developing the system

What is your return policy?
Return and refund policy
Who is LadyBug and when did it start?
LadyBug started in the fall of 2005 by Richard Hawkins and Jon Sigler. More information
How long is a three year extended warranty?
The total warranty time is three years. So buying a three year extended warranty gives you an additional two years.
Does the extended warranty, by itself, cover calibration?
The answer is yes and no. In general the warranty covers only repair. However, during the first year, any instrument we service will also be calibrated. In the second and third year the extended warranty covers repair only. However, we do offer calibration plans also.
Does the extended calibration plan cover repair?
No. However, anytime the instrument is repaired during the extended calibration plan it will also be fully calibrated. Under normal circumstances (assuming a 1 year calibration interval) a unit receives three additional calibrations:
• One at the end of the first year
• One at the end of the second year
• One at the end of the third year
If my instrument needs service how long can I expect the unit to be out of service?
Ladybug's goal is to turn around all serviced items in less than five working days. Then they will be returned to you via two day shipping (in the USA). To calculate the entire time a unit is out of service, will in part be, dependent on your internal processes.
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