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Important Tips for Selection of RF Power Meters

by Ladybug

Radio frequency (RF) power meters are calibrated broad band measurement devices.  The radio frequency power can be displayed in watts or dBm (decibel-milliwatts). Applications are boundless, RF power meters are an important tool for testing any microwave device. There are many applications involving power measurement including manufacturing test of consumer, industrial and military communications equipment. The applications can have a substantial variation in modulation and power level. When choosing a USB power sensor, you must consider factors such as frequency and dynamic range to fit your requirement. This post discusses the factors you should consider to be able to select the right RF power meters based on your application.

LadyBug Technologies USB Power Sensors and their Specifics

by Ladybug

Use of RF and microwave frequencies for digital communications, radar and many other technologies has been increasing at a dramatic rate. The development of these products often requires significant testing due to the complexities. Accurate power measurements is one of the most important requirements of the RF and microwave product development. This requirement is easily met by LadyBug USB power sensors. These power sensors are designed for measuring peak and pulse power as well as average power. What are the different types of power sensors provided by LadyBug Technologies? What are the typical features of these power sensors? This post answers these questions.

Thank You for Stopping by Booth # 1255 at the IMS2019

by Ladybug

LadyBug Technologies has just wrapped up another successful event— The International Microwave Symposium (IMS2019), which is a leading event of the Microwave Week technical program. The exhibition was held through June 4–6, 2019 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC). We are overwhelmed with the responses we received at the event.

3 Benefits of Buying USB Power Sensors from LadyBug Technologies

by Ladybug

A thorough understanding of RF power is often necessary when designing and testing high-frequency electronic devices. Power measurements are conducted at every stage of microwave and RF product development. Measurements are easily made using USB power sensors. These sensors are capable of accurately measuring average power, as well as peak & pulse power. It is important that power sensors be sourced from a trusted manufacturer. With their increasing role in microwave and RF prototype development and testing, several power sensor manufacturers are available to users. With these choices, how buying from LadyBug Technologies will make a difference? Read the posts to learn more.