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A Guide to LadyBug LB5900 Series True RMS Sensors

by Ladybug

LadyBug Technologies has been at the forefront of the power sensor technology since its inception. The company designs, manufactures, and delivers various types of first tier NIST traceable USB power sensors. The power sensors are organized under three categories— True RMS Sensors, Peak, Pulse and Averaging Sensors, and Wideband Pulse Profiling Sensors. Our sensors are made in the USA.

The Importance of NIST Traceable Calibration for USB Power Sensors

by Ladybug

USB power sensors are used for power measurement and are connected to a computer or other device that is used to display the measurement. Their rugged design can be used in harsh environments.

USB power sensors, do not need a traditional power meter, but instead use a computer which adds flexibility and capability. Further, the uncertainty between the sensor and power meter is eliminated.

A Guide to Prevent Damage of RF Power Sensors

by Ladybug

RF power sensors are designed to accurately measurer RF power. They feature rugged construction and are designed for long-term performance. Does that mean they can’t be damaged? No, they can be damaged, and users end up spending time and money on repairs. The most common cause of damage is applying excess power to the sensor. This post explains some good practices that will help users improve the performance and lifespan of RF power sensors. The tips mentioned here are based on the assessment conducted by the experts at LadyBug during the repair.

LadyBug Technologies Sends Holiday Wishes

by Ladybug

The holidays are here. LadyBug Technologies, specializing in the design and manufacturing of first-tier NIST traceable USB power sensors, takes this opportunity to send the season’s warmest greetings to its customers, vendors, and employees. At LadyBug Technologies, we are passionate about accurate power measurements, and our patented No Zero No Cal feature is a testimony of the same. We believe the passion has driven us all these years to devise quality-driven power sensors with industry-leading accuracy. This passion is accentuated by the support that we receive from our employees and customers.

Analyzing Radar Signals with Wideband Power Sensors

by Ladybug

Radio Detection and Ranging (Radar) pulsed radio transmission and reception to identify entities based on their velocity, distance, angle, and other parameters. They are used in mission-critical applications such as defense, aerospace, ships, spacecraft, and so on. A radar system senses bounced RF electromagnetic signals received from a target to gather information about the target entity. The received signals are interpreted in various ways such as pulse repetition frequency, pulse width, and so on.

How to Select a Proper Connector for Your LadyBug Power Sensors

by Ladybug

LadyBug Technologies is one of the leading manufacturers of NIST traceable power sensors. These power sensors have gained immense popularity in recent years, owing to their special features such as the patented No Zero No Cal feature, industry-leading accuracy, and availability in a broad range of frequencies. Like any other RF device, power sensors need to be connected properly to produce the desired results. This RF connection must be made using the proper connector. This post discusses the various types of connectors provided by LadyBug for its power sensors and recommendations for use.

Important Tips for Selection of RF Power Meters

by Ladybug

Radio frequency (RF) power meters are calibrated broad band measurement devices.  The radio frequency power can be displayed in watts or dBm (decibel-milliwatts). Applications are boundless, RF power meters are an important tool for testing any microwave device. There are many applications involving power measurement including manufacturing test of consumer, industrial and military communications equipment. The applications can have a substantial variation in modulation and power level. When choosing a USB power sensor, you must consider factors such as frequency and dynamic range to fit your requirement. This post discusses the factors you should consider to be able to select the right RF power meters based on your application.

LadyBug Technologies USB Power Sensors and their Specifics

by Ladybug

Use of RF and microwave frequencies for digital communications, radar and many other technologies has been increasing at a dramatic rate. The development of these products often requires significant testing due to the complexities. Accurate power measurements is one of the most important requirements of the RF and microwave product development. This requirement is easily met by LadyBug USB power sensors. These power sensors are designed for measuring peak and pulse power as well as average power. What are the different types of power sensors provided by LadyBug Technologies? What are the typical features of these power sensors? This post answers these questions.

Thank You for Stopping by Booth # 1255 at the IMS2019

by Ladybug

LadyBug Technologies has just wrapped up another successful event— The International Microwave Symposium (IMS2019), which is a leading event of the Microwave Week technical program. The exhibition was held through June 4–6, 2019 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center (BCEC). We are overwhelmed with the responses we received at the event.

3 Benefits of Buying USB Power Sensors from LadyBug Technologies

by Ladybug

A thorough understanding of RF power is often necessary when designing and testing high-frequency electronic devices. Power measurements are conducted at every stage of microwave and RF product development. Measurements are easily made using USB power sensors. These sensors are capable of accurately measuring average power, as well as peak & pulse power. It is important that power sensors be sourced from a trusted manufacturer. With their increasing role in microwave and RF prototype development and testing, several power sensor manufacturers are available to users. With these choices, how buying from LadyBug Technologies will make a difference? Read the posts to learn more.