3 Benefits of Buying USB Power Sensors from LadyBug Technologies

by Ladybug

A thorough understanding of RF power is often necessary when designing and testing high-frequency electronic devices. Power measurements are conducted at every stage of microwave and RF product development. Measurements are easily made using USB power sensors. These sensors are capable of accurately measuring average power, as well as peak & pulse power. It is important that power sensors be sourced from a trusted manufacturer. With their increasing role in microwave and RF prototype development and testing, several power sensor manufacturers are available to users. With these choices, how buying from LadyBug Technologies will make a difference? Read the posts to learn more.

3 Reasons to use LadyBug Power Sensors

Over the years, LadyBug Technologies has emerged as a leading choice when it comes to power measurement devices for microwave and RF testing.

  1. Engineered for suitability in a wide range of industries and applications; Wide Frequency Range, Power Levels & Measurement Types: Customers can choose from the three main types of USB power sensors:
    • True RMS Sensors— from 9 kHz to 40 GHz: These sensors assure high levels of accuracy on Pulse, CW, and modulated signals. Empowered with LadyBug Technologies patented No Zero No Cal technology, these RMS responding sensors are ideal for general purposes, automated test systems, calibration systems, and embedded applications.
    • Peak, Pulse, and Averaging Sensors— from 10 MHz to 20 GHz: Suitable for CW and modulated signals, these sensors measure peak, pulse and average power. Duty cycle and crest factor are also measured.
    • Wideband Pulse Profiling Sensors— from 50 MHz to 20 GHz: These add pulse profiling capability to our Peak Pulse and Average sensors. The sensors deliver a time domain based trace of the power waveform. Triggered measurements including pulse information are also measured.
  1. Quality-Driven Designs: All the power measurement products manufactured by LadyBug Technologies are designed, manufactured, tested and calibrated to assure the highest levels of quality. The company’s cal standards are directly calibrated by NIST, delivering first tier traceability. Software is compatible with Win XP, 7, 8, and 10 and feature USB 2.0, making set up quick and easy. LB5900 series dual interface sensors include USB HID and USBTMC interfaces. Further these sensor are LINUX compatible. Patented No Zero before use and thermal stability means your measurement does not drift. This makes them ideal for embedded applications and test systems often saving thousands of dollars in additional components.
  2. Started by Industry-Leading Experts with a Strong Industry Reputation: LadyBug Technologies was started in 2004 by two leading microwave engineers— Richard Hawkins and Jon Sigler. Their combined experience of 50 years in the design and manufacturing of spectrum analyzers, vector network analyzers, power meters, and associated components have helped them design various groundbreaking measurement products for use in demanding military and other mission-critical applications.

Since its inception, LadyBug Technologies has catered to engineers and technicians from all business sizes and sectors. This gives it an added advantage when it comes to fulfilling diverse power measurement requirements.