LadyBug Power Sensor Downloads and Resource Library

These resources apply to LB5900 Series sensors. For other Sensors select LB4XX,LB5XX,LB6XX Support
PMA-12 Precision Power Meter for LB5900 Series Sensors
For all LB5900 Series Sensors and Includes:

-Precision Power Meter Software Application
-Interactive IO Software Application
-Persona utility

Latest Version of PMA-12 Software for LB5900 Series Sensors

PMA-12 Software & Interactive IO for LB5900 Series Sensors
V1.8.8.0 Released 11/29/2017 Includes Users Guide

For use with most LB5900 Series Sensors
Consult factory for an upgrade for your sensors to utilize the latest features.

If Installed, Uninstall PMA-12(Other LB Software OK) before new installation
- Download and unzip the file into a directory of your choice
- If necessary, install the included Microsoft .net framework
- Install the application by running setup.exe from the un-zipped directory

Download previous version