The LB680A 50 MHz to 20 GHz average, peak & pulse and pulse profiling sensor

LB680A RF Power Sensor, Power Meter Products No Zero RF Power Sensor
The LB680A is a pulse profiling sensor providing the user a time domain plot of the signals pulse modulation. The sensor also measures average power and statistical peak & pulse power along with duty cycle and crest factor. The sensor is useful in radar comms, R&D and manufacturing as well as service. The sensor features exceptionally fast measurement speed, a -40 dBm sensitivity and is shipped with LadyBug's feature rich Power Meter Application and Pulse Profiling Application. Recommended for average power measurement, peak and pulse measurements within the sensors 10 MHz video bandwidth.


- Converge from 50 MHz to 20 GHz
- Time domain signal power plot
- Statistical pulse measurements
- Just Measure - Patented NoZero NoCal before use technology
- A variety of options such as triggering & analog outputs
- Good dynamic range
- ATE Support
- Wideband video detector output available
- Logger application included
- Includes external triggering capability