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LadyBug Technologies featured on High Frequency Electronics magazine cover

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LadyBug Featured in Cover Article March 2009 High Frequency Electronics; Reflection Transmission Measurements Using USB Power Sensors.
Full Article here...

Dec Cover Microwave & RF Magazine

Microwaves & RF names LadyBug Technologies' USB PowerSensor+ One of "Top Products of 2009"
Full Article here...

LB480A compact sizeMost Compact Sensor Available!


CW/AVG 10 MHz - 12.5, 18.0, 26.5 GHz (LB5XXA)

PowerSensor+™ - A High Performance USB, RF and Microwave Power Meter and Sensor in one

Get Started Easily and Quickly - With the CW/AVG Power Meter Panel
check Best in Class Price
check Most Compact Sensor Available
check 6 Connector Choices
check Rugged USB 2.0 Protected Connector
Test Setup for One Sensor Measurements  
CW power meter panel
CW (AVG) Power Meter Panel
(click to enlarge)
Test Setup for One Sensor Measurements (click to enlarge)    
Directly Measure:
True Average Power
10 MHz to 12.5, 18, 26.5 GHz
-55 dBm to 20 dBm
1.9% Total RSS Error
1.20:1 VSWR
0C to 50C


ATE & Imbedded Systems
Monitoring, Comms
Radar, Digital TV, Wireless, Satellite, Radio Links, Test, PCS, Cellular, etc.
R&D, Manufacturing
Maintenance, Repair, Installation, service

2000 Meas/Sec
0.5 MHz Sample Rate
10ms settling time
No-Zero, No-Cal™ Before Use
Multiple Sensors
1.6M (2km) Remote-ability
RF Connector Choice
Frequency Dependent Offsets


Trigger In/Out
Recorder Out
Easy ATE Integration:
No-Zero, No-Cal Reduces ATE complexity
ATE compactness
Programming Examples
  VB 6.0
  Visual Studio 2005, .Net 2.0, VB.Net (VB 8.0) & C# 
  *.lib and *.h for C++
CW Power Meter Panel   Easily Measure True Average Power using Ladybug’s CW/Avg Power Meter Panel
CW (AVG) Power Meter Panel    
    LB4XXA USB Power Sensor Connections


Syncronize to your system with Trigger In and Trigger Out

Easily configure the PowerSensor+™ to trigger a system event on an RF level
LB4XXA USB Power Sensor Connections    

 LB4XXA USB Power Sensors in Remote Applications


Get protection from lightning strikes

LB5XXA Power Sensors may be located up to 1.6 miles (2Km) from the computer, on a tower or elsewhere

LB4XXA USB Power Sensors in Remote Applications    
LB4XXA Multi-Sensor Application

  Full data throughput is
achieved with 8 LB5XXAs enabling a variety of scalar measurements:

Multiport network analysis
Mixer measurements
Simple ratio measurments, etc.

LB4XXA Multi-Sensor Application    
       LadyBug Technology’s Patent Pending Temperature compensation

  LadyBug Technology’s Patent Pending Temperature compensation results in less than 10 mdB of variation over a 0C to 50C
LB4XXA Port Match  

LadyBug’s high performance LB5XXA product is demonstrated with this typical S11 measurement

Manufacturing test limit, includes measurment uncertainty and guardband

LB5XXA Port Match    
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          LadyBug Technologies™ supplies RF and Microwave Test Equipment for use in Cellular, PCS, Radar, Satellite Systems and Component Test Systems.  
          LadyBug Technologies LLC