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LadyBug’s current products require annual calibration. Our calibration service includes:

• Complete all service within 5 working days (faster if we can)
• Return all serviced instruments with two-day shipping within the U.S.A.
• Include both the calibration certificate and data
• Provide personal contact within one day of information request

Please call our service department for more details. They will advise you on shipping instructions and the anticipated return date. All calibration is done at a fixed price. Calibration does not include repair. However, arrangements can be made that will include repair with the calibration.

For PowerSensor+™ products, calibration can include an optional connector type change (SMA female to N-Type male) for a small additional fee. Excessively worn connectors are replaced with like connectors as a part of the calibration routine.

If a unit is sent in for calibration and repair and it is subsequently determined that repair is not required, you will be charged for calibration only.

The following is a list of prices for various services.*

Model No Calibration Only Repair Only Calibration and Repair
LB478A $250 $150 $325
LB479A  $300 $200 $400
LB480A $325 $225 $440
LB559A $325 $225 $440
LB579A $365 $250 $470
LB589A $385 $275 $510
LB679A $375 $1,150 $1,375
LB680A $375 $1,150 $1,375

* Prices are subject to change without notice.


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