The LB679A 50 MHz to 20 GHz average, peak & pulse power sensor

RF Power Sensor, Power Meter Products RF Power Sensor, Power Meter Products
The LB679A is a peak and pulse sensor. In addition to average power, the sensor provides the user statistical peak & pulse power, duty cycle and crest factor. The fast statistical measurements are very useful in manufacturing operations where numerical verification is desired. The sensor is useful in radar comms, R&D and manufacturing as well as service. The sensor features exceptionally fast measurement speed, a broad dynamic range and is shipped with LadyBug's feature rich Power Meter Application. Recommended for average power measurement, peak and pulse measurements within the sensors 10 MHz video bandwidth.


- Converge from 50 MHz to 20 GHz
- Great for fast economical CW and pulse measurements
- Statistical pulse measurements
- Just Measure - Patented NoZero NoCal before use technology
- A variety of options such as triggering & analog outputs
- Dynamic range -40 dBm to +20 dBm
- ATE Support
- A verity of connector options available
- Logger application included
- Optional external triggering capability