The LB5944L 9 kHz to 44 GHz True RMS Power Sensor

LB5944L Power Sensor, Power Meter No Zero RF Power Sensor
The LB5944L is a high accuracy, platform independent RF & Microwave Power Sensor for general purpose average power or True RMS and scalar measurements. The sensor features exceptionally fast measurement speed, a broad dynamic range, and the widest set of options for programmatic and embedded applications in the industry. LadyBug's feature rich Power Meter Application is provided with each sensor. Time domain trace visibility is included and aids in setting markers. The sensor is useful in research & development, manufacturing & service applications including radar, satellite and telecommunications.
Recommended for average power measurements on signals with any modulation type including: 802.11ac, gsm, cdma 2000, CDMA (IS-95), TDMA, Multi-Tone, OFDM, CW, QAM and more.


- Converge from 9 kHz to 44 GHz in one sensor
- Accurate power measurements on any modulated signal
- Dynamic Range: -60 dBm to +26 dBm
- Just Measure - Patented NoZero NoCal before use technology
- A variety of options such as triggering, security & analog outputs
- Optional Calibration to 50 GHz - Option 050
- Includes internal and external triggering
- Compatible with U2000
- SPI and I2C interfaces for ATE, direct control & embedded applications
- USBTMC, USBHID IVI foundation & SCPI command set
- SCPI command set through all three interfaces
- Extensive internal memory for trace and long term logging
- Real time clock and backup