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LB680A USB Pulse Profiling Wide Dynamic Range PowerSensor+™
LB680A USB Pulse Profiling Wide Dynamic Range PowerSensor+™ Lead time 6 weeks or less (8 weeks with option 35F)

The LB680A is a 50 MHz to 20 GHz USB power sensor/meter capable of measuring the profile of repetitive pulses, in addition to peak, pulse, and average power. Features include video bandwidths to 10 MHz (100 kHz standard) VSWR of 1.20:1 and operation over -40 to +20 dBm. The LB680A is specifically targeted at those applications requiring the detailed analysis of pulse and other repetitive modulated formats. It offers users a high performance peak profile power measurement solution at a much lower cost than traditional peak profile power meters.

Required connector option:
Connector Type Gender Option Description
SMA - 50 ohm Male OSM
Female OSF
Type-N - 50 ohm Male ONM
Female ONF
3.5 mm - 50 ohm Male 35M
Female 35F
Other Options Include:
Add connector. An additional connector of the same type may be ordered. This provides the user the ability to change out or replace connectors during development phases of a project. Once the device's connector has been removed and replaced with the same or different connector, the device's calibration and match are not guaranteed.
• Add male connector, option 20M
• Add female connector, option 20F
A connector can be changed in about 5 minutes.
Add recorder out, option 001. This option adds an optional output voltage that is proportional to the input power. The recorder output voltage ranges from zero to one volt and is proportional to input power level. The range of power levels represented by the voltage output is set by the user. The output is provided through the SMB connector that is located in the same position as the trigger in.
If the unit is ordered with both external hardware triggering and the recorder out options, the SMB connector is shared between the recorder out and trigger in functions. Trigger in and recorder out functions are mutually exclusive functions. As a result, when the unit's recorder output is turned on the trigger input is disabled.
Add external hardware triggering, option 003. Adds an external hardware input trigger and external hardware output trigger. Both trigger in and trigger out are SMB connectors. If the recorder out option is also present, the trigger in SMB connector is shared between trigger in and recorder out (see "Add recorder out"). As a result, when the unit's trigger input is turned on the recorder output is disabled.
Add additional video filters, option 004. These filters are intended for pulse profiling. The LB480A comes standard with a 100 kHz video filter.  Option 004 offers additional user selectable hardware filters: 200 kHz, 300 kHz, 500 kHz, 1 MHz, 2 MHz, 3 MHz, 5 MHz, and 10 MHz.
Add real-time, calibrated detector output capability with option OW2. This capability allows viewing of one-shot pulses and other real-time modulated signals by using a high speed oscilloscope to display the detector's analog output. The option OW2 signal is available on the TO SMB connector (trigger out signal will not be available). Option OW2 requires option 004 and is not available when option 001 is ordered.
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